We all knew about Songkran Festival. It is the day showing our filial piety to the elders and getting rebonded with our family and relatives. It is also known as Thai’s Family Day and celebrated as the Thai traditional New Year’s day. 

When it comes to our JSGT family, Mr.Yoshiyuki Morita, the Managing Director and managers also give significance to sustain and nourish such Thai traditional custom. Reflected from one of our JFE Group Standards of Business Conduct had been prescribed, “Globalization”, JFE Group has their own rendition of “Globalization”, as its meaning is to enhance deep understanding and respecting other different cultures when multi-cultural contexts were presence. This code will have to be realized for our business to expect growth into the global scale and JFE Group always crafts this concept into every dimension of JFE’s business activities.        

That day was the auspicious occasion to cross through Thai New Year. Apparently, it will be the year of growing stage for JSGT in 2014. We will gear up our production, walk our ways towards ISO and accomplish the year of zero accident and “That’s our goal”.  As a consequent, JSGT family has held Songkran Festival Event on 11th April 2014. It really was the day we had been showing love, respect and our bonding through the magnificent Thai culture. The event was named “Chilling the cities in the Great Songkran and reliving the tradition”. On the day, JSGT family participated in Buddha images washing, blessing Thai managements and expats with gentle water washing so the coming year will be filled with great fortune. After the washing, we had enjoyed water fight together before heading back to hometown for receiving blessings from the elders.     

At the end of the event, our Managing Director had given us blessings, “To have good health, to have good fortune. I wish all of you the safe trip back to your hometown and also take all the full rest. New Year is a good time to look back on what we had done in the past. Let’s explore it and and employed it to improve ourselves to the fullest as we are walking toward the future. Then, we will be back here in JSGT and fight together for the sake of JSGT glory in the coming year”. Such touching speech from Managing Director shall be force of will for everyone in JSGT. Absolutely, the company is ours to build. To lead them to glory, it only depends on our force to pull it through so we can prove to the world with pride that “This is what JSGT is capable of.”