It is another day for JSGT to step steadily forward. We called this the Walk Towards ISO 9001:2008. Metaphorically, the current state of JSGT is in their adolescence where they are making their own way in search of their originality to shine. JSGT has the nature of an entrepreneurial entity with quality full to the brim and being the outstanding cerebral talent among other players in the game given how high and trustworthy quality we have been providing.  
Our quality concepts here are applied and originated from the existing one with high reputation and creditability, JFE Steel Group. Therefore, JSGT had applied that as our quality framework and add up JSGT’s original quality-enhancements then we have JSGT’s Quality Policy of our own;  
“We provide high quality product based on superior technology
to meet maximization of customer satisfaction and expectation
with continual improvement”
The Quality Policy is developed from 3 elements what deemed crucial for quality of JSGT, which are;
  1. Continual Improvement
  2. Customer Satisfaction and Expectation
  3. High Quality
With “Challenging Spirit”, JSGT will develop in a continual basis as to build trust in quality and to offer them through quality in products. Together with “Flexibility” and “Sincerity”, no matter how maximizing the expectation becomes, we will put efforts on meeting that anticipation until highest customer satisfaction in our quality is achieved. And our “Challenging Spirit” will thrust ourselves to improvecontinually so it grows into the Sustainable Improvement Cycle, which further carries on and on.   
This roadmap of quality JSGT have been walking on, we are so glad to welcome all of our valued customers and all of our stakeholders to be parts of this sustainable cycle of quality. Whilst the cycle continues, the supply chain of Thai automobile manufacturer industry will be enhanced in large, yet staying stronger day after day.