To stir up senses of challenging, to make rooms for the creativity are keys to improve what is the most valuable within the organization, human. When the organization has the need to foster their people to be thinkers, JFE Group had established the activities named “J1””, below is the concept: 
This is a logo of J1.
J is “JFE”
1 is “Number One”
And J and 1 are integrated to create the human form.
Now, let’s talk about colors. Blue represents one and only “JFE”.
Red represents “PASSION” full of challenging spirit.
Activities for ultimate technological capabilities
J-1 means the voluntary improvement activities, which aim to make JFE Group the number one. More specifically, a small group has been organized in each workplace of production sites so as to prove individual creativity and solve key issues of its own workplace. The J1 Activities have set forth safety/environment, quality, productivity improvement, and cost reduction as major themes, having continuously brought about successful results for more than 40 years. Currently, about 1,500 groups are engaged in these activities, which greatly contribute to better communication and smooth generation shift in each workplace.
Or we can say that it is 
“Challenging group activities for all of us to present our valuable idea through activities of improvement in our production sites and also increase our competitiveness in technology. It is going to be fun, interesting, and knowledgeable experience with chances to present ideas in Japan for the final round and fight our ways with great teams from all across the world. It is like the Olympic Games for thinkers and it should not be missed.”
Members of workplaces organize small groups, exercise their creativity, accomplish their tasks of their workplaces and make JFE Steel Group as No. 1.
The purpose is to develop the members' abilities, to activate the workplaces and to contribute to the society through the growth of the company in the process of the activity.
Technology to be shared on the global scale
J-1 is a tool for JFE Steel Group to be No. 1.  It is a global stage many JFE Steel Group’s production sites enter to compete, using their ultimate creative ideas under the healthy competitive environment.
Productions sites around the world have attended J-1 Activities and inspired our next generation to grow up their potential with the concept of “Challenging Spirit”, “Flexibility” and “Sincerity
Young and vigorous JFE family like JSGT also set our mine towards being there to declare our accomplishments in J1 Activities in November 2014.Unstoppable, working hard and the wisdom to the brim we are, this year of J1 will never be the same. Be prepared, Japan!!