ISO 9001:2008, one of our goals for the year of 2014 is eventually achieved. JSGT has been approved to be certified on 13th October 2014.From the start, the objective of our road toward ISO 9001:2008 is to improve management system and increase efficiency on every function within the organization with the ultimate objective of systemization in quality, cost reduction, productivity improvements and operation efficiency. For external parties, our aim is for the well-established quality management system to provide maximized satisfaction through our services. On a global context, we expect that the ISO 9001:2008 can lead our ways to increase the competitive edge in the global stage.

Thanks to valued cooperation from every individual in JSGT family for every hard day at the development stage, we have struggled together through the better tomorrow so far. Knowing that, we are fueled by full support from top managements, who have a clear vision of quality concept within the industries. Knowing that, our efforts are bolstered by JSGT’s Young generation. Even only a short time we had, the target is achieved. As a result, it has been only about 5 months and we finally reached the certification of ISO 9001:2008.

Let’s say “We can do it.” but we never stay slow. The day of full production is coming, this achievement only a starter to the next challenge of us to supply and provide services in a full scale.

As our president once said “The very NC of all is the NC from having no intention to improve. Simple as that”, we acquired it now and we are formally certified. The next road ahead is to keep improving continuously on every step we are going ahead. And it is JSGT’s spirit.