On 22nd May, our CGL reached the charging volume milestone of 3,000,000 tons.

It is common in business speak to refer to a specific progress in time as a "milestone", which signifies that the business has made significant progress toward one particular goal.

Since our first year of our operation (2013), we have put all of our best efforts to meet the needs of our customers up until now by producing a line-up of high-quality goods using the world's most innovative technology and on-time delivery, ensuring the reliability among the supply chain. And those professional attitude has never been changed.

Of course, not every day of our operation is our good day. Sometimes there are issues that must be addressed, or even many emerging obstacles that we must overcome. From time to time, we might stumble some challenging issues, but being resilient, we fought back. Do not let that hold us down.

On this three millionth milestone, we are standing here questioning ourselves how far we have come. Not just that, here we are, starting elaborate and ask the right questions, we are ready and open to "new wisdom" bringing us to overcome any difficulties that might come our way.

In the world nowadays, yet so dynamic, choosing the right strategy in the situation is the key. That can unlock how we are going to complete our four-millionth milestone, we are now moving to.