On 22nd May, our CGL reached the charging volume milestone of 3,000,000 tons.

It is common in business speak to refer to a specific progress in time as a "milestone", which signifies that the business has made significant progress toward one particular goal.

Since our first year of our operation (2013), we have put all of our best efforts to meet the needs of our customers up until now by producing a line-up of high-quality goods using the world's most innovative technology and on-time delivery, ensuring the reliability among the supply chain. And those professional attitude has never been changed.

Of course, not every day of our operation is our good day. Sometimes there are issues that must be addressed, or even many emerging obstacles that we must overcome. From time to time, we might stumble some challenging issues, but being resilient, we fought back. Do not let that hold us down.

On this three millionth milestone, we are standing here questioning ourselves how far we have come. Not just that, here we are, starting elaborate and ask the right questions, we are ready and open to "new wisdom" bringing us to overcome any difficulties that might come our way.

In the world nowadays, yet so dynamic, choosing the right strategy in the situation is the key. That can unlock how we are going to complete our four-millionth milestone, we are now moving to.

'); return false"> Three Millionth Milestone
"1Mt CGL Charging Achieved" 
It has been four years since our establishment in April 2012 for our JFE Steel Galvanizing (Thailand), an investment from JFE Steel Corporation. After four years of efforts producing zinc coated galvanized steel sheets for automobiles,
we reached the charging volume of the million tons on 13th May 2017.
The achievement stem from our work environment constructed from all of our efforts of both Thai and Japanese employees imparting and sharing wisdom in technology towards each other, stabilizing the condition of machinery so our products become greatly satisfactory to our customers. This success realized from our determined spirit in producing steel sheets all through this very four years. Finally, the first million ton is ours to conquer and succeed in.

'); return false"> 1Mt CGL Charging Achieved
Sufficiency Economy of Our Father

“…When I mentioned sufficient economy, a it means living that is moderate to one’s means. Starting from 200 to 300 THB to reach 20,000 THB, or 30,000 THB. People always take my words of sufficiency economy and then tell with misunderstanding. Sufficiency economy of executing self-sufficiency is not the right meaning and it is not the concept that I have in mind. The concept I wish to convey is Self-Sufficiency of Economy, such as if they wish to watch TV, there shall be some for them to watch. Not to limit their chances of buying TV for the watching. If the concept is sufficiency, having TV is sheer luxury by such concept. To the same degree as when someone does not have money to buy a tailor-made suit but still wear a Versace necktie. That may be too much…”

Royal words from His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej at Piumsuk Villa, the Klai Kangwon Palace, Hua Hin on 17th January 2001.

“Self-Sufficiency of Economy” was exploited as a tool for rationalization in several politics events and misunderstood for a long time. If truth be told, this word of wisdom were spoken by a gentleman with his determination to call for senses of his very own sons and daughters, whether we are lost our ways. We could have our chance to look back on every simple aspects of life around us before plunging for something excessive for our living. Maybe we might not need the second faster car or the third faster car. Maybe we might not need the brand-new smartphone fresh off the market while the one we already had is still working so well. So disappointed that it is, when many organizations and many persons are misunderstanding the concept of our father’s “Self-Sufficiency of Economy”, its economic effects have not performed at it best for our beloved Thailand as expected.


Speaking of moderation, some might be thinking of being frugal, stingy or parsimonious. The truth is, the moderation is the concept realized through regarding ourselves whether we are producing, consuming too few or too much, whether we are buying anything and having no plan to use it, whether we are preparing a meal in a portion so large we cannot finish, or buying a luxury bag that will be exposed only on one social setting. 

The moderation can be out in practice through elaborating in terms of production and consumption, based on resources on hands such as capital, time, and labor. When production output is more than consumption, the excessive portion will be the new surplus for the future growth, so moderation does not emphasize on being parsimonious at all. Eventually, this moderation means the moderation in consumption for the future sustainable growth, that is the meaning it should be.    


Any decision towards sufficiency shall be made based on the reasonableness, putting several factors into consideration and thoroughly elaborate possible consequences there might be when a particular action were taken. Significant difference do exist among each individual’s self-sufficiency because one have their own structure of life, to be named, family size or social obligation, so there became the question of whether the sufficiency we are practicing is the true sufficiency. The answer to the question is the reasonableness. Digested into plain idea, it is “Think before producing”, “Think before consumption” or “Why do we have to produce in this amount?” With same concept, we can apply to our working life, when we start questioning ourselves “Why do we have to work like this?” (Of course, that is the product of our investment in labor and time.) 

With an investment of an hour from your live, are results worth our invested efforts (Outcome)? In terms of consumption, are there any logical reasons for our consumption in this amount? Even, “Does our consumption in this amount causes any unnecessary waste?” or “Can we consume in this amount under a particular environment?”

“Risk Management”

Risk managementis how we are putting together towards upcoming impacts or possible changes through deliberating possibilities of the coming future. A nowadays world is shifting beyond with high-speed pace, causing the shift of current environment apart from what it was in the past. Even the Lord of Buddha who saw into the importance of this heedful mindfulness into his last words of wisdom before his departure towards his disciples.

The risk management in discussion means our preparedness against upcoming impacts or changes in the future, such as “Are we still what we are today in the next few years?” and “Which threats may inflict harm upon our self-sufficiency capability?” Being sufficient does not mean to stay still. While our two hands are working, always stay alert and stay open for streaming information as the preparedness for whatever may happen, good or bad.       

To maintain our self-sufficiency, there are two conditions as following:           

Knowledge: comprising all-round knowledge in the relevant fields and prudence in bringing this knowledge into consideration to understand the relationship among the field so as to use them to aid in the planning and ensure carefulness in the operation.

Virtue: that is to be promoted, comprising the awareness of honesty, patience, perseverance, and intelligence in leading one’s life.

(The Chaipattana Association, 2016)

Look upon our lives as we are working every day. The time we invested in working is a cycle of life bringing all of us steps closer to our future individual goal, no matter it is.

Look back into the wisdom of our Royal Highness, here we are sitting in the center of a microscopic cycler. The concept of the self-sufficiency will lead us to the stable growth. The fruit of this wisdom might be surprisingly less ostentatious, making it a metaphor for a fruitful tree without overwhelming it with fertilizers. On every step we are walking ahead with such steady growth, we are contributing the strength of local economy to our society that truly push our economy forward in the macroscopic scale.  


The Chaipattana Foundation. “Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy.” http://www.chaipat.or.th. The Chaipattana Foundation., 6th December 2016 Accessed.

'); return false"> Sufficiency Economy of Our Father

A special thanks to the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) for choosing JSGT as a representative factory to heartily welcome officials from Department of Intellectual Property on 28th January 2016.

JSGT, as the corporation currently being equipped with numerous inventors, this visit would be such a significance. With protection from the patent mechanism, our engineers and specialists can further contribute to Thai society into the next level through well-crafted technology we are capable of creating.

It was a great chance to discuss with the official delegation from Department of Intellectual Property and expose ourselves to one of the prolific units of Thai government that drives Thai economy through intellectual property protection. JSGT hope this visit can enhance the deeper understanding in a global scale of steel manufacturing technology and such understanding of such technology would bring upon to Thailand and drive Thai steel manufacturing to the next level.


An insight for Thai metallurgical laboratory experiment:

With collaboration with Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF), JSGT had obtained a chance to welcome a team of specialists from Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand (ISIT) on 26th February 2016 for their observation on our laboratory experiment, one of our quality control activity.

After inspecting our experiment laboratory, ISIT specialists were particularly interested in JSGT practice on how to manage a laboratory. Several discussion with our JSGT’s main responsible person were made and in light of insight for their own application.

We are Thai company operating on a land of Thailand, so contribution in forms of technology support between Thai and Japan is what we commit to comply. And the visit is an expression of tangible partnership under the agreement of JTEPA that JSGT is more than willing to introduce JSGT best practice with hope to enhance deeper understanding of our JSGT practice on laboratory operation activities. 

'); return false"> Technology cooperation
It was the invaluable chance for JSGT to share our up-to-date knowledge of steel manufacturing technology with social through the top–notch professional events, “Chulalongkorn Engineering – JFE Steel Joint-Seminar”. The seminar was organized on 25th September 2015 in Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. Such the event was co-hosted by Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University and JFE Steel Corporation from Japan. The event has gained a lot of attention from both professionals and academics in steel manufacturing fields.

In the event, JFE Steel Galvanizing (Thailand)'s representative, Mr. Surawut Pinjun, Operation Technology Section Manager delivered the informative speech about "Advanced Automotive HDG Steel Production in Thailand". His speech introduce the existence of the first CGL in Thailand together with its cutting-edge technology in the process that have pushed the boundary of the steel manufacturing industries in Thailand. His speech brought much of an enlightenment to the audience so inspiring that the current college students were listening in rapt attention.

This event also featured many brilliant keynote speakers; “Overview and Outlook of Steels in Construction in Thailand” exhibited the steel manufacturing industry through the marketing lens from Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand (ISIT): the latest technology of construction material and automotive material from JFE Steel Corporation from Japan: and last but not least, the improvement activities to produce the automotive steels with strict quality requirements from Thai Cold Rolled Steel Public Company Limited.

Although this the first academic milestone for collaboration between JFE Group and Chulalongkorn University, we would wish this event to grow stronger next year and become enhancement in this intellectual relationship, resulted in the greater contribution for both Thai society and Japanese society, as our philosophy prevailed.

'); return false"> Chulalongkorn Engineering – JFE Steel Joint-Seminar
It was Songkran Festival once again in 2015, and there it came “Chill the cities in the Great Songkran, Relive the tradition”. JSGT still relived its concept of embracing Thai culture. Moreover, JSGT also places its importance on older persons. We believe that older persons in each communities are wisdom of the community and their existence represents the experience being accumulated within the community. This Songkran, as it is the National Elderly Day, JSGT had made the contribution to the elder of communities surrounding.

          On 7th April 2015, JSGT had contributed a greater cooperation with Ta Sit Sub-district Administrative Organization through bathing ceremony for the elders in the communities for the year of 2015 with its mean to preserve the Thai traditions and customs, by granting the electrical appliances for the sub-district administrative organization.

On 16th April 2015, JSGT has recognized the importance of Chomphol Chao Praya Municipal Office’s operation for the reason that, for a community to grow and to develop, they are the mechanism that drives. Therefore, on the occasion of Songkran Festival, JSGT had granted partial budget to the municipal office with its objective to hold an event for the National Elderly Day and the Songkran for the year of 2015. We expected that the municipal office could serve to enhance the uniformity within community.

We are looking at Songkran as Thai new year and a great chance to start up, so we could face with challenges coming upon in our work life and with a smile and great support from our management, we are driven to make it possible and eventually reach our goals.

'); return false"> Songkran Festival 2015

ISO 9001:2008, one of our goals for the year of 2014 is eventually achieved. JSGT has been approved to be certified on 13th October 2014.From the start, the objective of our road toward ISO 9001:2008 is to improve management system and increase efficiency on every function within the organization with the ultimate objective of systemization in quality, cost reduction, productivity improvements and operation efficiency. For external parties, our aim is for the well-established quality management system to provide maximized satisfaction through our services. On a global context, we expect that the ISO 9001:2008 can lead our ways to increase the competitive edge in the global stage.

Thanks to valued cooperation from every individual in JSGT family for every hard day at the development stage, we have struggled together through the better tomorrow so far. Knowing that, we are fueled by full support from top managements, who have a clear vision of quality concept within the industries. Knowing that, our efforts are bolstered by JSGT’s Young generation. Even only a short time we had, the target is achieved. As a result, it has been only about 5 months and we finally reached the certification of ISO 9001:2008.

Let’s say “We can do it.” but we never stay slow. The day of full production is coming, this achievement only a starter to the next challenge of us to supply and provide services in a full scale.

As our president once said “The very NC of all is the NC from having no intention to improve. Simple as that”, we acquired it now and we are formally certified. The next road ahead is to keep improving continuously on every step we are going ahead. And it is JSGT’s spirit.









'); return false"> JSGT ISO9001:2008 CERTIFIED
JFE Group had established the activities named “J1””, below is the concept: 
This is a logo of J1.
J is “JFE”
1 is “Number One”
And J and 1 are integrated to create the human form.
Now, let’s talk about colors. Blue represents one and only “JFE”.
Red represents “PASSION” full of challenging spirit.
Activities for ultimate technological capabilities
J-1 means the voluntary improvement activities, which aim to make JFE Group the number one. More specifically, a small group has been organized in each workplace of production sites so as to prove individual creativity and solve key issues of its own workplace. The J1 Activities have set forth safety/environment, quality, productivity improvement, and cost reduction as major themes, having continuously brought about successful results for more than 40 years. Currently, about 1,500 groups are engaged in these activities, which greatly contribute to better communication and smooth generation shift in each workplace.
Or we can say that it is 
“Challenging group activities for all of us to present our valuable idea through activities of improvement in our production sites and also increase our competitiveness in technology. It is going to be fun, interesting, and knowledgeable experience with chances to present ideas in Japan for the final round and fight our ways with great teams from all across the world. It is like the Olympic Games for thinkers and it should not be missed.”
Members of workplaces organize small groups, exercise their creativity, accomplish their tasks of their workplaces and make JFE Steel Group as No. 1.
The purpose is to develop the members' abilities, to activate the workplaces and to contribute to the society through the growth of the company in the process of the activity.
Technology to be shared on the global scale
J-1 is a tool for JFE Steel Group to be No. 1.  It is a global stage many JFE Steel Group’s production sites enter to compete, using their ultimate creative ideas under the healthy competitive environment.
Productions sites around the world have attended J-1 Activities and inspired our next generation to grow up their potential with the concept of “Challenging Spirit”, “Flexibility” and “Sincerity
Young and vigorous JFE family like JSGT also set our mine towards being there to declare our accomplishments in J1 Activities in November 2014.Unstoppable, working hard and the wisdom to the brim we are, this year of J1 will never be the same. Be prepared, Japan!!
'); return false"> J1 Activity
It is another day for JSGT to step steadily forward. We called this the Walk Towards ISO 9001:2008. Metaphorically, the current state of JSGT is in their adolescence where they are making their own way in search of their originality to shine. JSGT has the nature of an entrepreneurial entity with quality full to the brim and being the outstanding cerebral talent among other players in the game given how high and trustworthy quality we have been providing.  
Our quality concepts here are applied and originated from the existing one with high reputation and creditability, JFE Steel Group. Therefore, JSGT had applied that as our quality framework and add up JSGT’s original quality-enhancements then we have JSGT’s Quality Policy of our own;  
“We provide high quality product based on superior technology
to meet maximization of customer satisfaction and expectation
with continual improvement”
The Quality Policy is developed from 3 elements what deemed crucial for quality of JSGT, which are;
  1. Continual Improvement
  2. Customer Satisfaction and Expectation
  3. High Quality
With “Challenging Spirit”, JSGT will develop in a continual basis as to build trust in quality and to offer them through quality in products. Together with “Flexibility” and “Sincerity”, no matter how maximizing the expectation becomes, we will put efforts on meeting that anticipation until highest customer satisfaction in our quality is achieved. And our “Challenging Spirit” will thrust ourselves to improvecontinually so it grows into the Sustainable Improvement Cycle, which further carries on and on.   
This roadmap of quality JSGT have been walking on, we are so glad to welcome all of our valued customers and all of our stakeholders to be parts of this sustainable cycle of quality. Whilst the cycle continues, the supply chain of Thai automobile manufacturer industry will be enhanced in large, yet staying stronger day after day.    
'); return false"> JSGT Quality Policy


We all knew about Songkran Festival. It is the day showing our filial piety to the elders and getting rebonded with our family and relatives. It is also known as Thai’s Family Day and celebrated as the Thai traditional New Year’s day. 

When it comes to our JSGT family, Mr.Yoshiyuki Morita, the Managing Director and managers also give significance to sustain and nourish such Thai traditional custom. Reflected from one of our JFE Group Standards of Business Conduct had been prescribed, “Globalization”, JFE Group has their own rendition of “Globalization”, as its meaning is to enhance deep understanding and respecting other different cultures when multi-cultural contexts were presence. This code will have to be realized for our business to expect growth into the global scale and JFE Group always crafts this concept into every dimension of JFE’s business activities.        

That day was the auspicious occasion to cross through Thai New Year. Apparently, it will be the year of growing stage for JSGT in 2014. We will gear up our production, walk our ways towards ISO and accomplish the year of zero accident and “That’s our goal”.  As a consequent, JSGT family has held Songkran Festival Event on 11th April 2014. It really was the day we had been showing love, respect and our bonding through the magnificent Thai culture. The event was named “Chilling the cities in the Great Songkran and reliving the tradition”. On the day, JSGT family participated in Buddha images washing, blessing Thai managements and expats with gentle water washing so the coming year will be filled with great fortune. After the washing, we had enjoyed water fight together before heading back to hometown for receiving blessings from the elders.     

At the end of the event, our Managing Director had given us blessings, “To have good health, to have good fortune. I wish all of you the safe trip back to your hometown and also take all the full rest. New Year is a good time to look back on what we had done in the past. Let’s explore it and and employed it to improve ourselves to the fullest as we are walking toward the future. Then, we will be back here in JSGT and fight together for the sake of JSGT glory in the coming year”. Such touching speech from Managing Director shall be force of will for everyone in JSGT. Absolutely, the company is ours to build. To lead them to glory, it only depends on our force to pull it through so we can prove to the world with pride that “This is what JSGT is capable of.”     

'); return false"> Happy Songkran @ JSGT

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