Our Company





Corporate Vision

The JFE Group - contributing to society

with the world's most innovative technology

Corporate Values

A Challenging Spirit, Flexibility, Sincerity

The Name of "JSGT"

"J" for JFE,

"S" for steel, 

"G" for Galvanizing,

and "T" for   Thailand


JSGT Company Philosophy

  • To provide safe, high-quality products and services based on superior technology
  • To actively contribute to the local community by being open to it at large
  • To be an environmentally - friendly corporation
  • To understand the company’s policy and achieve the company’s goal
  • To implement continuous improvement at the individual level
  • To communicate and coordinate with employees in other  sections
  • To respect other employees and try to create a highly  rewarding work place
  • Remember to show appreciation to other (To family,co-workers,and parents)