Attributes of GA

Attributes of GA

We supply our GA steel sheets to top class automobile manufacturers. Our GA steel sheets are suitable for pressing into car bodies. Its formability is enhanced to the ultimate serving the intricate deep drawing and corrosion preventive structure. Our products’ application on automobile is divided into 2 main application categories; inner panels and outer panels.

Inner panels (structural parts) are for inner parts of automobiles. The inner parts of automobiles serve as structure for automobile so they require the stronger type of steel with possibilities to deform with elaborate complex detail, especially for parts needed to go through the deep drawing process of production.  

Outer panels are for outer parts of automobiles, which require excellent surface quality as such materials are exposed externally to the eyes of customers. Beautiful surfaces with ease of paint and corrosion resistance are general requirements of these panels and our GA is designed to serve such purposes without fail by employing several technologies in quality control and quality assurance. 

In terms of coating formability and adherence, GA demonstrates significant improvements in spot-weldability, enhancement in ease of painting and excellent coating adhesion and with the proper forming parameter, the product can be bent, stretched and drawn.

The process to produce GA is called the hot-dip galvanizing process. The temperature is raised until it reaches a specific range and then the strip is held at a specific amount of time waiting for the diffusion between steel sheet and the coating zinc complete its reaction.