High quality to high quality

High-quality to high-quality:

To ensure our quality to the brim is well monitored all across the process of steel making, our raw materials are supplied from JFE Group. At the early stage of products development, we are working closely with our customers so their specifications are interpreted into technology solutions then all through the process the specifications are monitored for non-conformity at several checkpoints all across the process to ensure that the specifications conform to customers’ requirements for all time.  

Hot-rolled steel sheets and cold-rolled steel sheets are imported from JFE Group with effective lead time management to satisfy customers’ requirements on shipment. On-time delivery is a key indicator to measure our success in services. Acting as trustworthy steelmaker for automobile manufacturer, we have well-established production control system implemented cross-national that enables production tracking through the process so lead time will be flexible and on-time as a result.      

After the shipment was made, the process of quality management does not stop there. We allocate teams to handle following quality issue just to make sure that products delivered can serve customers’ application well and cause no difficulties to our customer’s production activities. 

On top of that, we have acquired ISO 9001 within 2014. This can ensure our customers that our quality will maximize their expectation and their satisfaction, and pull off sustainability in quality through our continual improvement.