JAZ® (JFE Advanced Zinc)

JAZ®(JFE Advanced Zinc):

In real world, hot dipped galvanized steels are told to be one of the hardest steelmaking technologies to control and monitor. We are granted several technology patents from our parent company, JFE Steel Corporation, developing the innovative technology year after year and acquiring several the cutting-edge technologiesy in this area as our current top-notch result. 

One of them is JAZ®. When the customer places our steel sheets into the pressing machine and performs pressing, sliding property is the key factor that effects significantly on efficiency in pressing. Our products are applied with JAZ® upon request. The products with JAZ®application are still in good sliding conditions when being contacted and pressed by die. With JAZ®surface on sheets, to whatever extent deep-drawing are done, flaking and powdering are expected to be extremely less.