Safety Policy

Safety and Occupational Health management

     - Safety and Occupational Health philosophy

All injuries and work related illness can and must be prevented. The safety first is our concern.

     - Safety and Occupational Health management

JSGT cares on the employee welfare and their quality of life. Providing for the safety and health of employees is a basic requirement of manufacturers and fundamental to the company business. Base on its fundamental belief in the safety first, JSGT implement the safety measures through the resolving health and safety issues in workplaces, promoting mental and physical health, and strengthening health and safety to every employees.


Environment management

     - Environmental Philosophy

Protect and enhancing the global environment is a top priority of the JFE Group. Then we work to keep our business in harmony with the environment, ultimately for greater social prosperity.

     - Environmental management

JSGT has got the approval of environmental impact assessment report of the Galvannealed steel sheet coating project from the expert committee for industrial projects of Office of natural resource and environmental policy and planning. The environmental impact prevention and mitigation measures and quality monitoring measures are our concerns as basic requirement to run the business. We are working aggressive to reduce our environmental impact by providing cutting-edge technologies such as installing low-NOx burners in the furnaces and deploying wet scrubber in the air pollution control system as well. In addition to air pollution control system, JSGT reduces environmental load on the water resources by recycling large volumes of water used in cleaning section and treat wastewater until its reach the standard.