Message from President of JSGT

JFE Steel Galvanizing (Thailand) Limited

contributing to society with the

world's most innovative technology

as a member of the JFE group.


With our philosophy, "The JFE Group - contributing to society with the world 's

most innovative technology" , JFE Steel Galvanizing (Thailand) Limited is the manufacturer of steel sheets for

automobile, starting our operation in 2013, and we supply our products as they are unique and highly functional .


As a production base of steel sheets for automobile, we realized that the industry is an essential factor of automobile industries, therefore, with all the efforts, we are providing the solutions to a diverse range of social needs and fostering development in innovation and products to the fullest.


On top of that, we are building the mechanism of long- term prosperous coexistence with our customer through products lining with high technologies and fine services.


Although we are the young company just flying from the nest, we hope strongly to take a leap along with our customers, the communities, or we could just say, every stakeholders. This is the strong will of our employees, also the management and we sincerely wish to make this come true.





Mr. Shigeru KURODA